Private Chef will travel to Harrogate, Ripon, York, Knaresborough, Leeds, Halifax, Settle, Skipton and the rest of Yorkshire
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1. What can be expected from the chef on the day?

2. What can be expected from the waiter/waitress on the day?

3.When do the chef and waiter arrive and leave?

The chef will arrive and introduce himself to the guests, then mainly focus on preparing and serving the dishes. Guests are welcome to interact with the chef if they want to or focus on their dinner party. Chef Luis is always happy to describe his cooking techniques and offer cooking tips.
Our experienced server is there to make your guests feel comfortable and entertained if necessary, serve food and drinks and assist with any other requests, such as taking photos, bringing in the Birthday cake, etc
Chef and waiter typically arrive 1.5–2 hours before serving a starter. If canapes are on the menu, these can be served soon after their arrival. They leave after your guests are finished with their last course, table is cleared, kitchen cleaned, dishwasher loaded and bill settled

4. What if someone would like to have extra sides/seconds?

5. What payment methods do you accept?

6. What experience, qualifications and insurance do you have?

We tend to bring extra portions with us and most times can accommodate these requests. Just let your waiter/waitress know and Chef Luis will do his best to fulfil your request.
Currently we accept cash (preferred) and chip & pin card payment (if there is internet on location), as both are instant, since we only ask for final payment after delivering the full service.
Chef Luis has over 15-years’ experience working in and managing professional kitchens. Our waiters work full-time in a professional catering environment. Chef and servers hold relevant Health&Safety qualifications. The Business also holds a public liability insurance. 

7. What equipment do you need on the day?

8. Where do you source your ingredients?

9. Do you cook everything on location?

Typically, Chef Luis needs a hob, oven and some space in the fridge. Ideally, pots, pans, trays, plates and crockery will also be made available. Chef brings his own knives, steak knives, temperature probe, torch and tools typically not found in a standard fully equipped kitchen.

All ingredients are sourced locally from the local suppliers, who also supply several prominent Harrogate restaurants. Our suppliers are Gilmore’s, K. E. Bland, Ramus & Bellerby’s.

To ensure the highest standards and quality of food most dishes are prepared from fresh on location. Some items that need to set overnight are prepared the day before as well as slow cooked items, which are part-cooked prior.

Great food, great atmosphere, great time!